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St. Patrick’s Day To-Dos

Top o’ the morning to ya! With St. Patrick’s Day just days away, Lexi talked to 2 KASA Style about fun things for your little leprechauns to do—beyond just wearing green.


Sham Shamrock Shake
Blend together a scoop of vanilla ice cream, a half-cup of milk, a drop of mint extract, and…spinach juice! It’s gorgeously green without any artificial dye, totally nom-worthy, and secretly filled with phytonutrients.


Green Tea Toast
Oh, How Civilized mixes matcha—a potent green tea powder with 10 times the antioxidants of regular green tea—with sugar and dusts it over slices of bread.

St. Patty’s Pancakes
More secret spinach is in this recipe from Weelicious, this time whipped together with whole wheat, buttermilk, and just a tad bit of sugar.

Recycled Rainbows
Use materials you’ve got just lying around your house—like empty tissue rolls and cotton balls—to get green in an entirely other way…and teach kids about the colors of Roy G. Biv.



Plant for St. Pat
How cute are these Fairy Tale Garden Kits? Kids can watch their own greens grow!



What St. Pat’s Day things do you do with your family?


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