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Leftover Easter Candy: Healthified!

No matter how hard your kids savored the sweet, sweet spoils of their Easter baskets, we bet there’s still at least one semi-eaten chocolate bunny and an array of pastel candies left over. Lexi went on 2 KASA Style to talk about crafty ways to repurpose the goodies into healthy (well, healthyish) snacks.

Fruit Fondue: Melt chocolate rabbits (which are, no doubt, missing at least their ears and tails by this point) in a double boiler, then dip pieces of bite-sized fruit into the cooling cocoa. Use popsicle sticks or straws instead of pointy skewers and stay away from known choking hazards (whole grapes, cherries) for the little ones. Here’s a yummy how-to for banana pops from My Fussy Eater.



M&M Granola: Throw mini candies into a bowl of rolled oats, coconut shavings, raw pumpkin seeds, raisins, flax, and the trail mixins of your kiddo’s choice (making your own granola at home can cut down on a lot of the built-in sugar that comes in most of the kinds from the store). Eat it plain, or sprinkle it on yogurt or cereal. Samantha’s Kitchen Table has an awesome recipe for peanut butter M&M granola.

peanut butter m&m granola-5


Peep Sushi: Almost too cute to eat…almost. The “rice” in these rolls is made possible thanks to rice cereal, and the “seaweed” is nom-worthy fruit leather. There’s still a lot of sugar in these snacks, of course, but at least you’re adding some grains and extra minerals. Check out Serious Eats’ Peepshi to get rolling!



What do you do with leftover candy?





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