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Siblings Day Poetry

Lexi’s not a poet…and she knows it. But there’s only one solution to honoring both National Poetry Month and Siblings Day: A poem about the ups and downs of siblinghood.


When one sibling first met the other
It was like a movie scene.
Coos and hugs, sweet soundtrack playing…
You know, that kind of sappy thing.
She couldn’t take a nap
Without holding his soft, small hand.
Wanting to join her sing and dance and play
Was the main reason he learned to stand.
One day those small hands turned grabby
And started “messing up” her toys;
One day she slammed her door and yelled,
“This room is NOT for boys!”
Who gets to play Minecraft longer,
Where did she hide his favorite plush;
Foot stamps, pinches, yelling matches,
Shouts for the other to “oh, just shush!”
But then he quietly hugs her
After she has a no-good day…
She reads his Star Wars book to him,
He gives her the iPhone to play.
It’s these brother-sister moments that’ll go on forever,
For the rest of all their lives.
At least, that’s what I hope will happen…
They’re still just 8 and 5.

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