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Be Less Stressed

If you didn’t know, April is National Stress Awareness Month. Now that’s nothing to stress about, and in reality you’re probably already stressed enough.

Stress is defined as a state of emotional or mental strain and we experience it more than in just one month, for many of us it is a daily part of our routine. Stress is a personal journey; we all have different triggers or stress signals, and we all react to it in our own personal way. The good news is there are holistic ways of dealing with it, and by learning how to recognize and remove personal triggers, you can begin your journey for a less stressful life.

Being stress free is something that may seem unattainable, but you can free yourself from stress by learning how to recognize it and let it go. It’s the “how” we all want to know about and luckily we have a Kinesiologist to guide us through the process of becoming stress free.

Elaine Bogard, a Holistic Kinesiologist, explains that stress manifests in our bodies and can create physical pain. In order to reduce stress Elaine guides her clients through a process called Emotional Freedom Technique, EFT, or more commonly referred to as Tapping.

Elaine has been practicing Tapping for years with amazing outcomes. “Some patients, in one short session, depending on how open they are about their feelings, walk in with severe pain and walk out with nothing.”

Elaine took On The Rocks through a quick Tapping session which left all of us feeling a sense of peace and reduced pain. First, we talked about the stress and pain we were experiencing, and then following her lead, tapped on key points on our bodies. We then we explored our emotions. She led us through a series of Tapping, talking about anxiety, sadness, panic and fatigue. By the end of the session, the vibe in the room was relaxed and light.

“Experience is everything, and here, your experience is completely original to your needs and wants. Our philosophy is to give you the benefits of all types, including mind, body, and spirit.” Elaine is right, it is all about the experience and you too can have that experience by contacting Elaine and scheduling an individual session or by attending one of her many workshops. In May, Elaine is hosting a two-hour workshop on Mommy Rage, to help you learn self-healing and bring peace to your family and life.

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