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The Make-up Challenge For Kids

No matter how old our kids are, we know they have all watched “Mom” put on make-up. Really, we can’t even pee alone much less get ready by ourselves; so what could go wrong with having kids apply our topcoat of beauty? They have years of experience and have to know what they’re doing, right? Feeling confident in our child rearing skills, we issued a make-up challenge to our kids, and, well …

There were tears, squeals, laughter, and a couple of surprises, but you never know what to expect when kids are left to their own devices and free to create their own masterpieces. With a gasp upon seeing herself, Lexi described it as “artistry.”

If you have ventured into this realm of uncertainty with your kids, we want to see your pictures and give credit to work well done. And we want to laugh at you, the way you have laughed at us!


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