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Help! iRepairNM!

Who hasn’t accidentally left their iPad on the roof of the car and then drove away, only to be left with a shattered screen? Our very own Lexi did just that (or her husband did) and now she needs it fixed.

We go through the entire process, start to finish, of repairing Lexi’s iPad with iRepairNM and Allen Davis. Seeing the inside of an iPad was interesting and learning the process was awesome. Allen also shows us the exclusive iRepairNM chamber he uses in the restoration process.

If you are a do-it-yourself person, this video may just help you, but if you end up with a pile of pieces, put them in a bag and take it to iRepairNM. According to Allen, it won’t be the first time that’s happened.

Allen Davis, owner of iRepairNM, has been in business since 2011, repairing phones and other devices, across Albuquerque and all over the nation. His work is fast and reliable. We highly recommend him if you are in need of service.

If you need help with your phone or device, contact iRepairNM, where they buy, sell, repair and protect, at 505-610-0226 or Tell them On The Rocks with Carmelina and Lexi said, “Hi!”

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