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How to make a travel activity bag

Family road trips are fun. Everyone jumps in the car ready to embark on a new adventure …  yay! Then the rumblings start in the back seat and the dreaded question, “Are we there yet?”

It’s every parents nightmare and we have all lived through it at least once.

Get organized and do a little prep work to make sure your children are so busy, you won’t hear a peep out of them. (Well, that may just be a best-case-scenario fantasy, but this project will keep them distracted and lessen the complaints.)

Activity bag1What you need:
A reusable grocery bag
Duck Tape



Activity bag2Step 1: Use some books as a guide to decide where to cut the opening. You want the books to stick out above the opening, so they are easy to grab. I went up about seven inches from the bottom and marked it. Repeat the process on the other side of the books and connect the two marks with a straight line. Extend the line by on inch to make sure the books will fit.

Activity bag3

Step 2: Cut along the line. Don’t go through both layers of the bag, only the one you marked.

Activity bag4Step 3: Cut a piece of Duck Tape the same size as the opening you just created. From the inside of the bag secure the tape on the inside, sticking up and through the opening by about half.

Activity bag5

Step 4: Fold over the tape and leave a small lip at the opening.

Activity bag6Step 5: Loop the handle around the front seat headrest and fill it with activity books, notepads and books. Everything is within arms reach of your child.

Now get in the car and go!

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