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Road trip! Road Trip!

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It seems like we just said hello to summer break…but guess what? It’s going to be over more quickly than you can say, “Back to school!” THAT means it’s time to pack up the kids and pack in one last summer road trip. Carmelina talks to 2 KASA Style about what you need to checkmark on the hit-the-road list.

1: Obviously, safety is No. 1.

Check your child’s car seat. Making sure it is installed correctly is something we forget to do, but if your family is going to spend an extended period in the car, it is important. Safer New Mexico Now, holds state wide fitting clinics for parents and caregivers on car and booster seats.

Find all the details at

2: Make packing fun!

Make a list of what you (or your kids) need to pack. You can create the list together and then have them check off the items when they get them in their suitcase. This gives them a responsibility and a sense of accomplishment. When creating the list, and this is a big one, don’t forget Favorite Friend. Whether that is a stuffed animal, toy, blanket or pillow, anything your child sleeps with is a must when packing.

3: Keep the “Are we there Yet?” to a minimum.
Create an activity bag (made from a reusable grocery bag) to keep in the car. Fill it with coloring and activity books, notepads and books your child can read. Loop it around the front seat headrest and everything is within arms reach of your child.

See full instructions at

If have any tips to add, leave them in the comment box and you can always join the conversation at

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  1. Reblogged this on Carmelina Hart and commented:

    Once you have kids, the last minute road trip changes. With a little preparation, you and your family can have a safe and fun time hitting the open road.


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