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Brown Bag Special

Believe it or not, school is about 3 weeks away, and getting into the daily routine of getting ready for school and packing lunches is right around the corner. But the old brown bag lunch is not what it used to be, today’s kids (and Pinterest) have higher standards. Parents, however, can make a heathy and creative lunch without going crazy. Carmelina on 2 KASA Style guides us through how to do this with ease.


One place we all start is the internet, but don’t! I googled “creative kid’s lunches,” and found things like quinoa and sweet peas with grilled chicken, and meatballs with sauce in pita pockets. These are not doable. Go back to the basics — the food pyramid. For a healthy lunch, you need to include grains, veggies, fruits, dairy and proteins.

Food Pyramid

Finding a balance between the standard sandwich and a gourmet meal is difficult, just remember, keep it simple. Kids love finger foods, so instead of preparing dishes, give them all the parts and let them put it together themselves or they can just eat them separately. As long as they get the nutrition, it really doesn’t matter if it’s in the form of a sandwich or not.

Finger food

Continue the theme of simplicity in packing all the parts in the lunch box. There are so many different products out there to help you. My favorites are Lunchskins, they are reusable bags that are good for the environment and super cute. Small reusable plastic containers work perfectly to keep food separate, and cupcake wrappers are other easy-to-use dividers.

Don’t be intimidated by the picture perfect images on the internet, you can do this!

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    How do you find the balance between a creative lunch and the standard sandwich, while keeping it healthy and easy?


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