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Pokémon A Go Go

PikachuEveryone is hunting for Pokémon these days, even my seven year-old and me. On our walks and adventures, with Pokéballs at the ready, we have covered quite a bit of ground. Of course, not being masters we have not walked off any cliffs or into moving traffic, but as they say, practice makes perfect. And I have already embarrassed my son by accidentally saying, “Pokéman.” I received a stiff talking to and was referred to as a “noob.” If you want to save face in front of your bright-eyed all-knowing children, avoid these three things:

  1. Pronunciation is key — it’s “mon” like you are from Jamaica.
  2. Never jump and scream with glee — just play it cool when you finally catch your level one Pidgey or Zubat.
  3. Real things are not Pokémon — you can keep staring at your wine glass, it’s never going to turn into a Pokémon.

Once you have mastered these concepts, and never before, that’s when you turn the tables with your own bit of knowledge:

  1. The name Ekans is snake backward — they’ll act as if they aren’t impressed, but they are getting ready to ask their friends if they can say “snake” backward and then impart their knowledge on them.
  2. Ask them if they have seen the new Pokemon Go Plus due out in September 2016 — then follow-up with “no” when they ask if they can have one. (That’s what they get for calling you a noob.)
  3. Take them to the library and let them know, it is not only a Pokéstop but also a Gym and if you hold a Gym, you get free stuff. At least my neighborhood library, the North Valley Branch is, and if you can get them to the library by dangling the carrot, more power to you.

Have fun, be safe and happy hunting fellow noobs!



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