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Horse Sense

Now that we are officially in State Fair season, horses are on our minds…or, more specifically, our minds are on the best ways to get our kids on horses.

Working with and riding horses has been shown to promote balance, coordination, and confidence in children. Plus, hippotherapy—horseback riding-based rehabilitative or therapeutic treatment for people with physical or developmental challenges—can make a world of difference.

I talked to “New Mexico Living” about some ideas that I received from local expert Sayra Siverson (she’s been giving riding lessons since she was in high school…and her kids are horse-riding champs!).

Check it out here.

First and foremost: Before you enroll your child in any horse-related activity, make sure the facility emphasizes safety. That means explaining how to work with horses—and, importantly!—always wearing a helmet.

Some of the places Sayra recommends to get started (we’ll add more!):

Acacia Riding Stables
Liz Sanchez Stables


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