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Creative Learning

As every parent knows, there is no one particular way that kids learn—after all, every kid is unique. That means their learning styles are unique, too! Here are tips by our newest On The Rocks contributor, Andi B.—Yo! 105.1 host and mom of three (be sure to check out her segment on “New Mexico Living”).

All kids are different—which means, of course, that their learning styles will be different, too. Some are best at learning with hands-on experiences, while others need to hear, see, and write down what they learn so that they retain information. It’s hard to know what type of learner your child may be, so you have to get creative. Try using a variety of methods when working on homework and helping your children learn.

Some children are kinesthetic learners, and movement is what helps them learn best.
Play hopscotch to learn to count. They can jump on a trampoline and recite multiplication facts or spell words as they bounce.

Think outside of the box. You can write words in chalk on the sidewalk when you’re working on spelling. Sand or salt trays are great for learning to write letters, too. (Not every kid loves notebooks!)

For kids who are easily distracted, allow movement or “brain breaks” in between assignments. These little breaks could be jumping in place, stretching, or even tossing a ball back and forth a few times.

Hands-on learners will enjoy moving beads on a pipe cleaner to count, or using real cash to practice counting money and understand currency.

But don’t forget to use real-life experiences to encourage learning everyday. Measure out the ingredients with your child when you bake together. Host a lemonade stand and practice counting change back.

Kids are natural learners—they want to figure out the world around them. Every moment is a teachable one…but it should also be fun. Test out different methods, and you’ll find what works best for your child—and you! —ANDI B.

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