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It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Cleaning

Thanksgiving break is this week and some kids have Thursday and Friday off, most start vacation on Wednesday and others have the entire week off. EEK! What are you going to do with your kids all week? The answer: put them to work … cleaning. It’s not as hard as it sounds when you add a little motivation, like getting ready for new toys.


You and your kids can go through the stack of toys piled up in the corner. Decide which one to keep and which they no longer play with and are willing to donate. For some reason, kids will develop a sense of attachment to toys they haven’t played with in years, so you may have to encourage them to want to give them away.


Once you have your giveaway pile then separate them into “donate” and “yard sale” groups. We want to teach our kids the importance of donating to those who can use these toys they no longer need. In addition they may be motivated by the idea of selling their toys at a yard sale where they get to keep the money.


Don’t forget to clean under the bed too. This seems to be a comfortable place for the misfit toys to hide, but this is a good time to clear this space. And you never know where those pesky Elf on a Shelf and Elf Magic will end up when they are roaming around your house in the middle of the night.

This could become an annual tradition, and then it won’t seem like such a task and more like a family event, in getting ready for the Holidays.

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