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Teaching How to Give

You and your family may have braved Black Friday, shopped Small Business Saturday, and celebrated Cyber Monday, but here’s one that’s especially important for your kids to learn about: Giving Tuesday (#GivingTuesday), which happens the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. The movement brings people and communities together through the medium of giving, right at the start of the holiday season, in order to increase charity and spread cheer. And it’s a great tool to introduce your kids to ways of being charitable.
Here’s how (and check out my segment with “New Mexico Living”  about this topic, too!).


Make sure your children are working together with you so they learn for themselves how to be generous. You can start small with having children break their allowance into 3 separate jars-one for giving, one for spending and one for saving.


Another easy way to involve your kids is letting them help you sort clothes that no long fit them and the toys they have outgrown too. Be sure to bring them with you to donation centers and food banks so they are part of the giving process.


You can also have your kids help you select a new toy to donate during the holidays or a coat for a child in need. Another great idea is to donate a used book to your local library. You can even walk or run together in a fun run for your favorite charity.


Don’t forget generosity starts at home, too. Brothers and sisters can do chores for each other. Kids can start a gratitude journal or a thankful tree and write one thing they are thankful for each day. As a family, you can make care packages to send to the military. There are so many ways to give…and many of them don’t cost a dime.

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