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Countdown to Christmas

While we might want to put our fingers in our ears and sing “fa la la la la” to pretend that the holidays aren’t, in fact, days away, denial will get you nowhere. Despite our own panic, though, there are plenty of ways keep our kids’ holiday enthusiasm intact.


How? Let us count the ways (and be sure to check out the segment I did with FOX New Mexico’s “New Mexico Living” about this very topic!).


1: Right here, right now
It doesn’t matter how close to Christmas it may be; Portable North Pole will deliver personalized emails or calls directly from Santa. He’ll say your kid’s name, he’ll talk about how well he or she has done this year working on whatever activity you designate, and he’ll even show picture proof your little one is on his “nice” list.



2: Reindeer games
The Reindeer Cam shows how Donner, Blitzen, Rudolph and the rest of the hooved crew are prepping and for a huge night of sleigh-pulling. (Beware: It’s more addicting watching the reindeer go about their daily lives than you might think!)


3: Snail mail
It’s not too late to ship off a letter to Santa and his elves! For more than 100 years, the United States Post Office has fielded letters from little ones to St. Nick—so many, in fact, there’s an official Santa address and method for submissions.



4: Trail tracking
Because, as every kid knows, he or she has to be asleep well before Santa arrives (or else risk no presents under the tree), Google Play, NORAD, and other sites and apps actually track his movements across the globe, displaying a time clock that shows just how close he could be (and how quickly your child needs to scuttle off to bed).


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