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Safe Slime (Borax-Free!)

Every year, every school sees a new trend—like, not just a trend, but the trend. I vividly remember being obsessed with marbles in elementary school. Everyone who was anyone had steelies, clearies, and boulders that they would play big to win (or lose) more at recess.

This year, the trend for kids is…slime. You may know it as gak, flubber, or oobleck, and enterprising kids everywhere make it at home and then sell or trade it at school. The trend is so popular that stores are running low on Elmer’s Glue, which is one of the ingredients used to make it. The other main ingredient is usually sodium borate—otherwise known as the detergent Borax, which experts warn can cause eye, skin, and lung irritation, along with possible future fertility problems.

So let’s skip all that potentially dangerous stuff altogether, shall we? When I explored natural alternatives for slime recipes for Cool Mom Picks, I got a little obsessed with them. I mean, how creative and smart are people to come up with safe slime? Answer: incredibly. Take a look.

otr_chia_slime_fun_at-home-with-kidsChia Seed Slime by Fun at Home with Kids
Soaked chia seeds turn gelatinous, so—when paired with coloring, xanthan gum, and a little fridge time—it creates a cascade of ooze.

otr_gelatin_slime_little-bins-for-little-handsGelatin Slime by Little Bins for Little Hands
Full disclosure: the official name of this slick recipe is Fake Snot. And it’s edible, so it’s practically guaranteed your kids’ll love it. To make it, use unflavored gelatin and corn syrup, plus water and food coloring.


Psyllium Husk Slime by Kids Playbox
Look to the power of powdered fiber for this one. While the recipe is edible (it also uses gel food dye for pretty coloring), you might not want to encourage a full-on nosh. It’s a lot of fiber for tiny tummies.

otr-cornstarch-slime-sheknowsCornstarch Slime by SheKnows
This kind of slime—which uses just two ingredients (well, three if you count food coloring)—is a little drippier than the other kinds of slime, but still fun and engaging.

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