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Non-Candy Easter Treats

Non-candy Easter basket gifts

Every Easter, kids consume an average of an extra 250 teaspoons — 5.2 cups! — of sugar in the form of chocolate bunnies, marshmallow chicks, and Cadbury Creme Eggs (because those are delish).

Because it would take an awful lot of Easter egg hunting to use up that kind of sugar rush, we found some Easter basket gifts that are so awesome, kids will forget all about candy. (Well. Maybe.)

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These Peeps are entirely sugar-free — because they’re actually a set of crayons (adorable, but definitely not edible). ($5.99, Custom Crayons by Sara)


Tweens and teens may be too cool to tell you they want an Easter basket, but they totally do. These scented nail art stickers are kitschy and cool. ($4.99, Perpetual Kid)


These tiny custom polymer Peep earrings are so cute, you’ll kind of want your own set, too. ($15, Pitter Patter Polymer)


This wooden bunny girl is handmade, and customized with your choice of hair color and dress style. It’s sure to be a keepsake. ($20, Anita’s Peg Dolls)

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These felt bunny ear hair clips are perfectly sized for perfect little heads. ($9.95, Paper Source)



Your kids can start learning how to sew with this make-your-own-bunny kit (and maybe they can teach you, too!). ($23.17, Clara and Macy)



My kids adore Pusheen, so it’s entirely possible these egg cups would get them to — oh, I don’t know — actually eat eggs, right? ($14.50, Asos)



See those cute bunny patches? They’re for more than adorable decoration. They’re actually reinforced with stretchy material to resist holes, and keep your kid’s knees safer on the playground. ($30, The Trendy Tot)

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otr_easter_peep_cbubblesKids love bubbles. Kids love bunnies. This is a bubble bunny…and it smells like Peeps (bonus!). ($2.99, Peeps and Company)



A hip kid obviously deserves a hip bunny shirt. ($23, Line and Liam Boutique)

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