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5 Pop Culture-Inspired Baby Shower Gifts


Sure, you could go with standard-issue baby blankets, pacifiers, and diaper bags for the next baby shower (and you should! New parents need that stuff!). But trust us when we say that expectant moms and dads will love getting these pop culture-inspired baby gifts, too.

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It’s a Beyonce baby announcement-inspired greeting card, people! There’s no way not to score a snort of appreciation with this. ($4.63, MargWarg) 



This teensy version of Cher Horowitz’s plaid mini (and her signature saying) may be so 1995, but that’s exactly why we love it.  ($34, Rockin’ Llama Co.)



Here’s the perfect poster for any sleep-deprived, movie-loving new mom to gaze at during middle-of-the-night feedings. ($23 and up, The Film Freak)



These onesies for twins prove that Grease will always be the word. ($29.50, Ads & Marnie Co.)



Bueller? Bueller? ($20, Suit Up Peanut)

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