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St. Patrick’s Day Is Green With Envy Over These March Holidays!

We all know March is the month we celebrate the luck of the Irish, but there is a world of other fun holidays we can have fun with this month with our kids.

Every kids’ favorite author (whether they know his name or not), Dr. Seuss is celebrating a birthday on March 2nd. One way to recognize this day in his honor, is to read Happy Birthday To You! or Happy Birthday To Me! There is also a birthday book for baby too: Happy Birthday, Baby! Reading one or all of these is a great way to start any birthday and can become a tradition your kids can pass down to their kids.

March 8th is Popcorn Lovers Day and the perfect time to get your hands dirty and make popcorn balls. When you Google the recipe, they pop up quicker than heated corns in a pot! Try this vintage recipe, it’s our favorite. Let your little helpers shape the balls, but remember to slather their hands in butter to keep from sticking.

For your little brainiacs in the making, Albert Einstein’s Birthday is a smart choice for March 14th’s celebrations. Use your smart home speaker to ask questions (just like Einstein) about his discoveries and life story. If you want a more authentic Einstein experience, give everyone a hair makeover, really poof it up!

Lucky for us, St. Patrick’s Day is on Saturday the 17th. That means you can start your green activities early that morning with green pancakes (just add a few drops of food color), then follow that up with washable green hair spray to lock in your kids favorite crazy hair for the day.

The 18th of March is First Walk In Space Day, celebrate with an out of this world mobile of our solar system. While you’re building, have your kids talk about the feeling of walking or sleeping in space with no gravity to hold them down to Earth, or where would they go it they could float there?

Get outside with the kids on the first day of Spring on March 20th. Plant a tree or flowers in the yard, take a walk to the park or many cities sponsor trash pickup days, so sign up for that. If enjoying the outdoors isn’t an option, create an indoor garden using construction paper cutouts of your kids hands (the flowers) on popsicle sticks (the stems).

One of our favorite days is celebrated on the last day of the month, Crayola Crayon Day. Today is the day to become a crayon. Make colored hats which mimic the tip of the crayon by rolling colored paper into a cone shape, then name the color yours kids have become. Get creative with the names like Anna Banana for yellow and Sterling Steve for silver.

Want more? There are bonus fun days on the bottom of the calendar, then share the fun, let us know what days you and your kids like to celebrate during the month of March.

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