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April Is Full Of Fun Days To Celebrate With Kids

Don’t let Easter fool you this year, because April Fools Day and Easter share the same day, there are plenty of other days to celebrate this month, including Friday the 13th and Earth Day on the 22nd.

One of the hardest-working and most quiet adults your child is influenced by on a daily basis is the School Librarian. April 4th is the day to show your appreciation by celebrating School Librarian Day. Talk to your kids about the Dewey Decimal System, they may not even know that it’s a catalog system for the library. Then give your School Librarian a dewy smile and a “thank you.”

April 8th is Draw a Picture of a Bird Day! This one is easy … get the crayons and pencils out and start drawing. If your kids need a little inspiration, go for a walk and follow the avian songs, you’ll spot a bird in no time.

To all the parents who spend most of the day playing referee for your kids, maybe April 10th you can get a break from the rivalry: It’s National Siblings Day! Have your kids create cards for each brother or sister and make sure they list at least one thing they like about their siblings. It just might become a tradition they can continue into adulthood.

Parents will be vacuuming up bits and pieces of granola bars stuck in the crevices of our car seats for years after they have been eaten (or dropped) by our kids. So, why not celebrate by dropping (or eating) more on National Granola Day on April 20th?

If you’re ready to unload some of that Easter candy still sitting in the pantry, April 22nd in your day. Celebrate National Jelly Bean Day today by using jelly beans to create art. Grab some glue, paper and those decorative candies and start working. Be sure to warn your kids about the dangers of eating their art supplies and have fun.

Stir your kids’ imagination on Tell a Story Day celebrated April 27th. Today skies the limit, any story can be told, fiction or nonfiction. This is the perfect day to introduce the words “fiction” and “nonfiction,” and explain their meanings to your budding storytellers.

To be totally honest, the last day of April is National Honesty Day. Talk to your kids about the importance of honesty and explain the difference between truth and lies. As parents, we sometimes take for granted that this is something our kids inherently know, but it can be a learning experience for all of us.

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