Until now, there was nowhere in our community to hear the voices of strong, funny, whipsmart women. Believe us—we looked. As working moms trying to strike the elusive balance between climbing the ladder and raising our families, we were always lamenting and laughing about our lives, and looking everywhere for a place where we could share the all-too-real humors and horrors of parenthood.

But we couldn’t find one. So we made one.

On The Rocks with Carmelina and Lexi is a brand-new, 100% women-owned media production company that promises to be the go-to source for news, pop culture, service, and anything and everything that matters to moms. Helmed by intelligent, experienced professional women with a keen eye for quirk and a strong sense of style, our video podcasts are both informational and entertaining, exploring subjects from the serious to the silly. Working closely with non-profit organizations and businesses, we support and build community with uplifting, high-quality productions and commentary.

Who We Are…

CarmelinaAuthorImage 400x400Carmelina Hart

Co-Host, Designated Drinker, Loud Laugher

Carmelina is a mom, wife and self proclaimed tomboy in heels who has been in an on again off again relationship, since the mid-nineties with her first love, the radio business. She’s a radio jock, mommy blogger and holds a Master’s degree is Philosophy (which has really come in handy). Now with her son constantly by her side, she has been educated in all things Minecraft and Star Wars, and has an advanced degree in penis talk.

LexiAuthorImage 400x400Lexi Petronis

Co-Host, Idea Wrangler, Wears Too Many Stripes

Lexi traded in her Manhattan magazine editor lifestyle (but not her magazine editor shoe collection—never!) and headed home to Albuquerque, NM, where she now saves a fortune on anti-frizz hair treatments. As the mom to a young daughter and even younger son, she has become the somewhat reluctant expert on glitter glue and lightsabers. She writes and blogs for national publications and websites, and is married to a classical violinist/conductor—so she pretends she doesn’t love ’80s hair bands as much as she does.

Oh, and she also chronicles the very, very many ways that her pure existence seems to annoy her four cats.  See for yourself here.




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